Homemade Styrofoam Chick Egg Incubator Test Run

Today I did a test run on my homemade chick incubator.  It seems to be in working order.

I have very little money into this and since it’s my first time trying to incubate eggs… I’m not expecting any miracles but I am very hopeful for good results.

Materials I used:

styrofoam container $2.88

Thermometer / hygrometer $5.98

25 Watt Light bulb $2.00 (I have an extra)

Light switch dimmer $5.00

Old desk lamp, wire, screen, duct tape and picture frame glass were just items I had laying around.  I used two little, glass mustard jars with sponges inside of them for humidity.  Total cost was about $16.00

I need to lay another little piece of screen on top of the wire so when they hatch (keeping fingers crossed for that) they won’t fall through.  I was able to get the temp to a consistant 100 degrees with the lamp dimmer and the humidity seems to be OK too.  Now… I just need to find some eggs that I would like to hatch and I should be all set.


2 thoughts on “Homemade Styrofoam Chick Egg Incubator Test Run

  1. The thermostat on an old water heater or even a new one is cheap makes a good thermostat to keep temp at the desired range. Good luck hatching I built my own incubator out of an old frig and it works great but i used a couple old honeywell thermostats from a greenhouse to run mine,

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