The Week in Review

Well, actually the past two weeks in review….

Last week was Spring Break for the kids.  I really enjoyed having them at home!  Hubby was also off the the 2nd half of the week and we were extremely busy.  Hubby and FIL got the roof up and older DD was a working MACHINE!  Actually, she did most of the work with Hubby… I was amazed at everything she did.  Up on the roof, hammer in hand – WOW!

I got a lot of work done in the garden.  Moved my Hibiscus, Artemisia, Daylilies and a couple other plants to a new bed. FIL also gave us some Lilac suckers so I’ve scattered them around the gardens and am looking forward to my favorite blooms in the future.  Cool season seeds are in the garden – radish, carrot, cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce and peas are all in.   I built a few trellis forms so I can grow more vertically and save on space so the peas will be growing up and when the weather warms… I will grow the cukes, zukes, melons and pole beans up instead of across the lawn (hopefully).  There are so many things that are starting to bloom.  Tulips are in full color, as are the grape hyacinths and wild violets.

The chicken eggs in the incubator have about 4 days to go.  Yesterday I purchased a brooder lamp. bulb, chick starter and pine shavings so I am ready for the little babies except for a container to put them in.  I originally started with 11 eggs and turns out that 10 were fertile which was pretty good.  Candled them for the last time on day 15 and all but 2 or 3 still showed definite movement.  I don’t know if the shells were just a bit too dark on the last couple to see anything or if those babies are just getting too big.  Hopefully they’re OK though.  I’m hoping for total success as anyone would but I’d be thrilled with 75% success.  You can bet I will be GLUED to that incubator with video camera in hand when hatching starts.  🙂



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