Make Due – A Day of Working With What I Have

Today is my day to ‘make due’.  I actually woke up in a pretty poor mood with no motivation or goals set for the day except for having to run to the post office to mail some things.

After the short post office adventure, I came home and looked around the yard.  Decided that it was too nice of a day to sit in the house and basically futter and clean so I dropped my purse on the kitchen table and went right back out the door.  Time to get something done!  There are a ton of little projects that I have been wanting to get done so I turned this blah day into a ‘Make Due’ day… A day to work with what I have sitting around and catch up on that long to-do list of little things I’d like to finish, repair or get started.

So far ( and it’s only 11:30 am) I’ve managed to pull some weeds, fix a wooden planter so I can repaint it, fix 2 bird houses and 3 bird feeders,  dug out the garden statues, cleaned out some planters and refilled them to get ready for seeds, cleaned out the chick brooder (my goodness they’re such pigs!) and ate my lunch.  Lots more to do after this little break.

Update on the Spring garden…  it’s growing like CRAZY!  Of course with the early Spring, everything is blooming earlier than usual and I am totally enjoying all the color.  Tulips, hycinths and daffodils are done blooming.  Wild violets are finishing up their bloom.  The Lamium in the woods is just starting to bloom and attracting all kinds of bumble-bees.  The apple tree finished it’s bloom despite the multiple frosts so I think I’ll have fruit in the fall.   The Dame’s Rocket, Allium and Wild Columbine is in full color, Iris, Dianthus and my Yellow Oragami Columbine are getting buds.  Strawberries are blooming as are the Chokecherry trees.

Our 7 chicks are growing like little weeds and are noisy, messy and almost ready to go outside.  I love them… but they’re such PIGS! 🙂

Projects in the near future…  a recycled tire garden along the edge of the woods and some vertical pallet planters.  Info for these projects can be found online if you’re interested in checking those ideas out yourself.

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