Chicks at 5 Weeks Old

Well, my little chickies are now 5.5 weeks old.  Growing like weeks and soon to be going into their new outdoor home.  I have to get some more fencing so I can create a division in the run for them and to keep them seperated from the original flock until they get a little more used to each other.

They’re almost completely feathered out and have chanced quite a bit from their fuzzy beginnings.  Beautiful colors! I think I’ve already figured out which are boys and which are girls.  I have a dark Wheaten (I think) Ameraucana pullet.  She is the smallest and such a delicate little lady.  A gorgeous Blue Wheaten Ameraucana cockerel (I think) who was the first hatched and obviously the leader of the group.  I think I have two barred rocks… one pullet and one cockerel although I think one of them hatched from a copper maran egg and could be a Cuckoo Maran.  ???  One that looks like a Black Copper Maran but didn’t come from a maran egg and has light feathering on his feet.  And then there’s a gorgeous, pure black pullet, a pullet that is black and red barred and one that looks like a black copper maran.  So…. 4 girls and 3 boys.  Depending on what Sherry (our older roo) thinks of the situation, I might be able to keep one of the younger boys but I’ll leave that up to him when the time comes.

Here they are.  Pics are not great but it’s almost impossible to get a decent pic when the little buggers won’t sit still.

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