New Camera – Oh What Fun!

Finally decided to purchase a new camera.  My old one is great  – don’t get me wrong.  I love it dearly but I was never able to zoom in on far away objects…. especially birds.  Now, hubby and I have really gotten into bird watching around our house.  We enjoy waking up every morning and seeing all the activity at the feeders and I love sneaking outside onto the porch steps and snapping photos of them all. Especially this year.  We’ve had so many new birdie arrivals!  I’ll contribute it to the fact that we’re now feeding strictly sunflower seeds except for the suet for the woodpeckers.  Anyway….  I always took my photos with my trusty Fujifilm FinePixA500.  Great little camera for point and shoot and for taking some interesting macro shots of the flowers in the garden.  I was going to upgrade to a Fujifulm camera with stronger optical zoom but when I stopped at the store that was supposed to carry it… there were none.  So, I settled on another camera with the same bells and whistles that I was looking for in the Fujifilm and I’m glad I did.  Went with a Samsung WB1000 and I just love it!  Although it’s not the best or most expensive camera out there, for my budget, it has exceeded all my expectations so far and I’m still trying to learn how to use it.  I just discovered ‘super macro’ the other day and wow – you could have knocked me over with a feather.

Here are a couple of photos using the camera.  Keep in mind, I’m still learning.  But, from this amateur photographer’s point of view… these are perty good.   The ‘super macro’ shots make me feel like I’m Tom Thumb wandering through the garden!  And the optical zoom … well, I feel like I could almost reach out and touch the birds.   😉

GrapeHycinths562013 WildViolet562013 Bluebird552013h Chickadee3202013

Other than the photography, I’m so thankful to be back out in the garden.  I has been an extremely long and strange winter here.  Never thought the snow would leave my little neck of the woods but it finally did.   And now the temps have me wondering what’s going on again…  up into the 80’s today.  But, it is Wisconsin.  Wait 5 minutes and the weather will change.

Thanks so much for reading.


5 thoughts on “New Camera – Oh What Fun!

  1. nice! I also just got a new point and shoot to complement my DSLR and it is so much easier to carry around — and the photos are just as beautiful. ❤

    1. That’s the one thing I am having a hard time with on this new camera… it’s a little bulky at times. Especially for awkward garden shots. LOL

  2. Hi, and thanks for following my blog. Love your shot of the chickadee! May I make a couple of suggestions for improvement? I’m happy to do it by e-mail, if you’d prefer. –Gary

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