To Remember….

Today is a day to remember….

That although I may be having hard times in my life, there is someone struggling more than I am.  My losses and trials are nothing compared to what others may be facing.  Life is difficult, demanding and sometimes unfair, but each bump in the road can also teach me a new lesson.  My battles are puddles compared to the lakes that others have to swim across.  That although this life is a crazy roller coaster ride and there are times that I want off…. I wake up each morning to jump back onto the tracks and should be grateful that I have the opportunity to ride the coaster again.

That each and every small moment is a moment to remember and cherish forever.  Each step through my day is a victory, a miracle and an accomplishment.  That each sight, sound, smell and touch is a gift to cherish.   Each sunrise, every unfolding flower and every bird song is a gift.  That time is fleeting.  I can’t get back the minutes that have passed but I can live each second to it’s fullest.

That true friendship and family love will give more support, compassion, understanding, generosity and kindness that any material object on this earth.  The small joys in life are to be appreciated to their fullest.  Hand holding, dinnertime conversation, sing-alongs in the car, hugs before bed,  afternoon walks – each little moment is a gift and should be remembered and enjoyed.

That there is no greater gift on this earth than love shared.  No truer blessing than family.  No material object can give what another person can give.  Tomorrow isn’t promised, make the most of today.   Hug those I love with feeling.  Appreciate each gift I’ve been  given no matter how small it might be.  Fight through my battles but recognize that other’s are fighting harder than I am.  Know that with each battle I’ve lost, I’ve also gained something in return. Smile and accept each small blessing  I’ve been given – the small things add up until life is filled with bushels and bushels of miracles to be remembered and cherished.

This, I need to remember….





One thought on “To Remember….

  1. How very true! Maybe, if we’d keep in mind that our trials, as big as they seem, pale in comparisson to other people’s life events, we would all be better human beings… Thank you for the reminder 🙂

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