Drying Oregano

I have a huge batch of oregano this year.  Must be because of all of the rain…. the plants are just amazing!  I usually wait until later in the year to dry it because I love the blooms but it’s threatening to take over my herb bed.  It needed a trim.

Yesterday I cut the plants down to about 8″ tall and ended up with a really large bowl-full.


I pulled off all of the leaves, taking care to discard any that had buggies, holes or dark spots and put them in a strainer for washing.  This is only 1/4 of the batch.


After washing and shaking dry, I loaded up the dehydrator.  I probably over-loaded it but I know that herbs dry quick and easy for me.   It took about 12 hours to dry these but drying time will depend on your own person equipment.


After they were all dry and very crunchy to the touch, I stuffed glass jars full of the herbs. ( I reuse glass jars with screw-top lids.  They work great! )  I ended up with two glass jars full.


When I’m ready to use it in my recipes, all I do is put a little in my hand and crush it.  I will probably do another batch when the plants get bigger again.   But this time I’ll be making my own Italian seasoning by mixing it with my dried basil, thyme and chives.


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