Baby – Beauties – Blue


After many failed attempts – we have a success in the coop!  Tonight as I was closing up the doors I noticed something small, dark and fluffy in one of my buff orpinton’s boxes.  YES – a tiny, fuzzy chick!!!  I don’t know if she has more or how many there might be… but I feel like I’m a grandma!   I’m so proud of my little orp.  🙂    Here he/she is…  a fuzzy picture but it was getting dark.




Lots of bloomies here!  Here’s a few pics I wanted to share.

GaillardiaFanfare2013 RoseJuly32013 Hosta6252013 Foxglove2013 Coreopsis2013



Last night I was did a little poking around in my potato patch and grabbed up some of my blue potatoes.  BEAUTIFUL!  Very tasty too.  Fried some up with bacon for supper (along with 2 other varieties) and they’re a little softer in texture.  A little creamier.  I really like them!





Hope everyone has a fun and safe July 4th!  Enjoy your weekend!






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