New Year

I will have no resolutions for the new year.  Instead, I have intentions.  I intend to do more and procrastinate less.  I would like to have more experiences without the clutter so I am hoping to whittle down my belongings and concentrate on creating more time to do what I love, rather than just collecting things I like.  I have been thinking on how to narrow down my physical objects.  Honestly, just because I really like sewing machines does not mean that I need to have 20 of them.  Admiration of an object does not necessarily constitute possession of said object.

I have the intention to spend a little time on my business each day.  Since I started my new job at the beginning of last year, I’ve made very little time for anything besides work and school.  I have not sewn, crafted, crocheted, painted, sculpted or done much of anything.  This also has to do with my intention to whittle down possessions.  You cannot see through the window if blocked by collectibles and “things”.

What are my priorities?  I am still trying to decide.  Gardening, my business, school, and a few kinds of crafts are really all I need.  Today, obviously, I decided to blog about my first day of the new year.  Not bad for a first day.  I don’t promise to keep it up faithfully and many days will be rather boring notes of simple things I’ve done.

Today, to spend a little time on my business, I walked in the yard and collected some perennial seeds.   One of those simple things that I have been putting off for weeks and weeks… took me about 10 minutes of my time.  I was able to collect Hibiscus, Primrose, Aster and Solidago.


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