So – greenhouse shopping.

So, I am looking for a very simple greenhouse.  More of a hoop-house / cold frame or whatever you want to call it.  I’m going to call it a greenhouse.

I don’t have much experience with greenhouse growing.  A few years ago I constructed a make-shift greenhouse out of an old metal swing-set and some plastic sheeting.  It served it’s purpose at the time to transition plants to the outdoors from indoors, under lights.  Now, I would like to start plants in a greenhouse but honestly do not want to invest thousands of dollars until I gain a little more experience.

Greenhouse shopping online, I found a “deal” at a big-box store.  It’s probably not the best construction but I’m hoping it would be a good learning tool.  If anyone has had any experience with similar greenhouses, please share your thoughts.



4 thoughts on “So – greenhouse shopping.

  1. You really grasped the concept when you threw the plastic over the swing set, and it worked. 🙂 We built one several years back from plans on line that said you could do it for $50. About $300 later we had one. It is still standing, and the constructions is stable. For the plastic to work more than one season, you have to invest in greenhouse quality plastic which will last at least 3-4 years. I’ve actually seen a small one offered by the folks who sell those pop up garages for under $400. They work pretty well also. 🙂

  2. I like your plans to start the seeds outdoors. I’ve been using a cold frame to do this for several years now, although I live in KY where it isn’t as cold. An added trick to my cold frame is to start the seeds in styrofoam trays with 1-1/2 in square growing cells. I can float them in water with the right soil which stays moist but not soaked, and never have to water them which is great on those days it gets a bit too cold to warrant opening the frame and losing the bit of heat I have.
    I found a plan you might like, it has automatic door openers on it when the temperature gets to a certain level it opens the windows to keep plants from scorching.

  3. Have a friend who built one using old window. Acttually they were slidding glass doors, turned out awesome. She only used it for one season before they moved, they bought an Amish farm that came with a green house on it. If I could find the old windows I’d go that route.

  4. Thousands of dollars, wow! What sort of greenhouse were you aiming for? Mine is aluminium framed, glass panes, 8’x10′ so a pretty good size and plenty solid. I think it was £500 or so in the UK albeit a few years ago but I expect you could find something similar in the US for less than $500. Mine needed a level-ish sand base, the corner posts and two central posts were concreted in but otherwise it was bolted together. I’m sure you could get a decent size one for a few hundred bucks. Sure you can spend thousands on a beautiful wooden one but not necessary to get going, and they need way more maintenance. As others have said, if you want to start small you could build a cold frame quite cheaply, or a lean-to if you have a wall you can use. Good luck!

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