About Me

Previously, Bramble Oak. Now renamed Rustic Path Gardens but I am contemplating a new family name to be incorporated into the business name.


Moving to the woods away from the hustle and bustle of town life has been an inspiration to simplify my own life, get back to basics and continue doing what I love to do.   I am currently working from home on my various projects and enjoying watching over my little corner of the world.    I am an avid (to put it lightly) gardener, artist, crafter and all-around DIY kind of gal.  I am happily married to my best friend in the world and we have two terrific kids 3 cats, a dog and a small flock of chickens.

Facebook Fan Page:  http://www.facebook.com/ruaticpathgardens 

My etsy shops:

http://rusticpathgardens.etsy.com/  (garden seeds, home and garden decor, art,  jewelry, beach glass jewelry)

http://gypsywynd.etsy.com   (supplies, destash, vintage finds and collectibles)

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