New Year

I will have no resolutions for the new year.  Instead, I have intentions.  I intend to do more and procrastinate less.  I would like to have more experiences without the clutter so I am hoping to whittle down my belongings and concentrate on creating more time to do what I love, rather than just collecting things I like.  I have been thinking on how to narrow down my physical objects.  Honestly, just because I really like sewing machines does not mean that I need to have 20 of them.  Admiration of an object does not necessarily constitute possession of said object.

I have the intention to spend a little time on my business each day.  Since I started my new job at the beginning of last year, I’ve made very little time for anything besides work and school.  I have not sewn, crafted, crocheted, painted, sculpted or done much of anything.  This also has to do with my intention to whittle down possessions.  You cannot see through the window if blocked by collectibles and “things”.

What are my priorities?  I am still trying to decide.  Gardening, my business, school, and a few kinds of crafts are really all I need.  Today, obviously, I decided to blog about my first day of the new year.  Not bad for a first day.  I don’t promise to keep it up faithfully and many days will be rather boring notes of simple things I’ve done.

Today, to spend a little time on my business, I walked in the yard and collected some perennial seeds.   One of those simple things that I have been putting off for weeks and weeks… took me about 10 minutes of my time.  I was able to collect Hibiscus, Primrose, Aster and Solidago.



Ok. So I got tired of trying to keep up with the ‘Day 1, Day 2, Day 3’ stuff so I’m just winging it now.
This morning I’m sitting with my cup of coffee with the whole day ahead of me. Hubby is off to get parts for our new Jeep so I’m left to amuse myself. I think it will be a day of cleaning, sorting and packing again and hopefully I’ll be able to get a lot done.

For the past week I’ve been sanding that dining room set almost every day. With the temps in the low 40’s it feels like a heat-wave and I can’t resist being outside to enjoy the sunshine. So far I’ve finished the table’s top and three of the chairs. I still need to sand the ‘band’ around the table’s sides and the legs….plus one last chair. I don’t know if I will get to this today as I’ve been breating in varnish dust for almost a week and I should probably give my old lungs a rest.
We went to Home Depot the other day and picked out the clear varnish and black paint for the set’s colors. We’re going to leave it a natural pine/oak kind of color with black accents. Strangly enough…this set is approx 37 yrs old and we discovered that the backrests are some kind of resin material and not wood. Thought it was strange but that’s the part that’s getting painted black anyway so it really doesn’t matter. I also found some really neat bear and pine tree stencils that I am probably going to incorporate in the top of the table to give it a bit more of a ‘rustic’ feel. Found some bear footprint stamps also so maybe those will go around the edge of the table and the bear and tree will go in the center. I might also put one paw print on the front of each chair too. Not sure about that yet.

Packing, sorting and cleaning is taking forever. We did manage to clean out part of the garage and I organized and packed a bunch of my gardening stuff in boxes. Kept out only the necessities so I can dig up my faves to take up north with me when we move.

Within the next week or so I will be putting ALL of my shops and my studio into “Moving Sale” mode. There is so much I need to clear out before I move so I’m going to drastically bring the prices down so I can clear everything out. I suspect that all of my shops may be closed for up to a month while we’re in the moving process but we’ll see how that goes too.

Almost out of coffee now and feeling motivated to get to work. TTFN!

Day 14 …I think? Cleaning, sorting, freecycling….

Day 14. Well, I haven’t been keepin up as well as I anticipated with the blog but can bring things up to speed I guess.

It’s now day 14 of my cleaning, sorting, freecycling, packing – beating with wintertime blahs quest.
Been slow going but I’ve managed to get some things accomplished plus we took a mini vacation too. Last weekend we spent the night at Timber Ridge water park here in town and had a really good time. Lots of swimming and relaxing. Only about 1 mile from the house but it felt like 100 miles away which was nice.

Besides the vacation, I’ve managed to get rid of a lot of clutter. It doesn’t LOOK like a lot of clutter is gone but considering all the things I have…..especially crafting goodies, I’d say I’m doing pretty good so far. Books, candles, recipe magazines, clothing, craft supplies, household items…it’s all getting sorted and booted out the door. Hubby and I did manage to get a new dining room set (which I’m going to refinish) and a new sleeper sofa in beautiful condition through freecycle ourselves. (tried to bring the sofa inside this house tonight and that was NOT a good thing. Nuthing funnier than watchin a stubborn Irish girl and her Polish hubby trying make a huge couch fit through a little doorway. I swear they built the doorways in this house for very tiny furnishings because it just would NOT fit. So back in the garage it went to await it’s new home.)

So much more to do. Almost got the sunroom cleaned out but it’s hard when 1/2 of the stuff out there (paintings) are for sale on Etsy. Oh well…working around it I suppose.

Anyway, I’ve added lots of new goodies to my ArtFire studio and two of my Etsy shops. Clearance jewelry in the ArtFire studio and RD Designs on Etsy plus some vintage cookbooks and vintage craft books in my other Etsy shops. (the links to my other shops are available on my RD Designs Etsy shop)

Days 4 & 5 – and HAPPY Valentine’s Day!

Ok…Day 4 was kind of a bust as far as cleaning and sorting goes. We went shopping instead!

Visited the new Ben Franklin Crafts in Delevan for their Grand Opening event and it was PACKED! Amazing how many people were there. I bought six skeins of yarn and figure that since I can’t buy the blanket I wanted (cuz someone already got the last one grrrrr) I will MAKE the blanket I want. Picked up sage and pine green, a peacock kind of blue and some mocha brown. Unfortunately they were out of the dark chocolate color I wanted so I’ll have to go back (oh shucks) and pick that one up later. I also found a great youtube video on the ripple crochet stitch…. so now, I’ve learned the stitch and that’s how I’m creating this blanket. Here’s the video. And if you look on the right side of the screen you’ll see where you can check out the blog with more great info.

Day 5 was much more successful with cleaning and sorting. I went through a lot of things and gave away about 4 bags of goodies on freecycle. I boxed up the remaining things we will still use. It was a great feeling to declutter so many items and to be able to pack up some things we don’t need to use right now. Hubby also got a van-load of more boxes so I’m probably going to be a packing fool now LOL I’m looking for a warmer day so I can tackle my gardening supplies in the garage though. That REALLY needs to be gone through.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!

Sorting and listing…. Day 2

Still continuing my quest to beat the winter blahs. Today went much better than yesterday. Went through a tote and a couple of boxes of items, sorted and listed/relisted lots of things in my Etsy shops. Didn’t get anything packed up today but it felt good to organize lots of my extra crafting stash.

So…if you get the chance, I’ve listed 13 new items in my destash shop and extremely low prices. Plus, I’ve relisted a bunch of fun collectibles in my Gypsy Wynd shop AND I’ve relisted a couple of beach glass jewelry pieces in my Rustic Diva Designs shop.

If you take a peek…thanks for looking! I’m looking forward to Day 3. :o)

Beating the wintertime blahs….packing – Day 1

I’ve decided to find a way to beat my wintertime blahs. Lately I haven’t had any artistic inspiration it seems and I suppose it’s just cabin fever. I do have our move to look forward to so I’m going to start sorting, giving away and then packing up the things we’ll be taking along. is a wonderful thing and I’m going to be listing a lot of items in my local groups. For now…I’ll just be boxing up things we don’t use everyday since we’re not “officially” going anywhere for about 5 months. At least it’s something to keep me occupied for now and I’m sure we’ll be very busy once Spring is here anyway.

Day 1 has begun! :o)