First order on Wish

I don’t know if anyone uses this site but I just put in my first order on  It is basically a sales sight that sells lots of miscellaneous items such as makeup, tools, clothing, kitchen gadgets and more.  It’s similar to a dollar store and I am guessing the quality is pretty similar.  Anyway, I just put in my first order for some simple things like lip gloss, paint brushes, a small travel bag and a couple other odds and ends.  The shipping is extremely slow so it will be quite some time before I’m able to update on my tiny “haul” but I’m excited to try something new.

Also, I finally decided on a greenhouse and got it ordered.  It is a simple 15x7x7 model with steel hoop frame and a poly cover.  It was very inexpensive and I figured a good option for my first year of greenhouse growing.  Should be here within a couple days.

Ohhhh – and, the hubby and I placed an Arbor Day Foundation plant order.  Lots of lovely fruit trees!  I’m so excited!!!


Anyway, if anyone has any experience with either or Arbor Day products, I’d love to hear from you.  Good, bad or indifferent experiences are welcome.  Have a wonderful weekend!!




Researching veggies for zone 4

I have begun my research to find veggies appropriate for an even shorter growing season. Being in zone 5 is hard enough at times…with the limited amount of warm days. Not I’m trying to find varieties of tomatoes, sweet peppers and especially hot peppers. (hot peppers is really going to be a challenge for us LOL) I just came across a website dedicated to gardening in zone 4. Appears to be FULL of great tips and info.

Granted…there’s not a HUGE difference in the zones but besides having to deal with a shorter growing season…I also have to learn about amending extremely, EXTREMELY sandy soil.

I’ve found so far that California Wonder is one type of sweet pepper that should do really well. Also..the early jalepenos should be ok but I will also have to find a couple of the hotter varieties such as Serrano, Cayenne and Thai for the hubby. Maybe they’ll have to be babies or brought indoors if it gets too cold too soon.

Tomatoes will probably be a bit easier as I’ll just find some with an average of 70 days from transplant to harvest.

I still need to research other crops such as melons, cukes, squash, pumpkins and zukes.